How therapy can help you recover from compulsive buying

Getting help with compulsive buying to the compulsive shopping a loved one can seem like a gigantic step, it does not, however, have to be a terribly frightening prospect that you face alone.

Our highly skilled teams have years of therupeutic and rehabilitative experience, helping those with a myriad of behavioural addictions.

We have put-together the guide to assist you in understanding the main risks of shopping addiction, and what you can do to address both the condition, and the underlying circumstances that enable it.

So, what is shopping addiction?

Shopping addiction is defined as the compulsive desire to purchase items that you do not need, and that you cannot afford.

Addiction of shopping actually shares many of the same characteristics as many other behavioural addictions, and could have resultant effects on the individual.

Am I addicted to shopping?

Shopping addiction can lead to a number of physical, financial and emotional consequences, which includes:

  • Spending more money than you have
  • Buying Items compulsively, and in greater quantities than you’ll ever need – for example, buying a lot of shoes at one time.
  • Shopping on a chronic and ongoing basis
  • Shopping, as a way of dealing with social anxiety, which heightens the feeling of self-esteem, or as a response to pain.
  • Feeling worried about shopping, or feeling guilt, anger after shopping or overspending.
  • Relationship problems caused by shopping
  • Telling lies about your shopping habits to loved ones who are concerned.
  • Continuing to shop, despite negative consequences.
  • Other warning signs or concerning behaviours include
  • Spending money when angry depressed or anxious,
  • Arguing with others about spending habits
  • The feeling of loss when not shopping, or feeling a rush when you are.
  • Becoming obsessed over money and finances.
  • Feeling guilty, and embarrassed about shopping following the event.
  • Purchasing items with the use of credit cards, loads or overdrafts, when you don’t have the funds to cover them.

The risks of shopping addiction

Addiction to shopping can result in some really adverse reactions from friends and family members, when they begin to feel as though your shopping is harmful to your and their wellbeing.

Other shopping risks includes:

  • The breakdown of family relationships
  • Anxiety, or depression
  • Financial issues
  • Feelings of social isolation
  • An impact on your work and career
  • Problems controlling impulses
  • A loss of interest in hobbies, or other pursuits.
  • Finding assistance for shopping addiction
  • Effective treatments can assist in helping those whoa re addicted to shopping to fully understand their condition, and regain control of their lives.

If you are concerned about your shopping habits, or those of a loved one. The first step is to visit the GP, they will be able to discuss services and treatments that are available to you.

Rehab for shopping addiction.

Counselling and talking therapies can assist you in overcoming mental health conditions, overcome traumatic experiences or other circumstances which might have caused you to develop a shopping habit. This could include the self-help groups, therupeutic probgrammes, 12-step and Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

You might be offered medication order to assist with related symptoms, which can include sleep problems, or even misuse of other substance. You could be offered financial counselling, or even access to self-help resources

Therapeutic programmes that are favoured by many modern treatment centres have proven to be effective in the treatment of compulsive behaviours of shopping addiction.

With the help of therupeutic professionals, you will be able to address but the addiction, and any associated underlying social and psychological issues. We will work with you to address all aspects of your life, and to help you to develop a personal toolbox of techniques and resources to build a stable and healthy life.

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Rehab for Shopping Addiction
Getting help with compulsive buying to the compulsive shopping a loved one can seem like a gigantic step, it does not, however, have to be a terribly frightening prospect that you face alone.
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