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We’re an alliance of not-for-profit residential rehab clinics, detox and treatment centres – delivering the best therapeutic rehab programmes, the best patient care, help, and the best value for money. Whatever your or a loved one’s addiction – alcohol, drug or other harmful behaviour we can point  you on the right path with the best rehabs for you.


Speak to one of our addiction recovery experts on our friendly and genuine advice line, view detailed information about residential treatment services in our free directory of trusted providers, or join our campaign for recovery in our news and views hub!

The Recovery Trust is run by practitioners with decades of experience working in residential private rehab treatment. We’re committed to recovery in all its forms, and to showcasing the best in residential rehabilitation services for alcohol and substance misuse, mental health conditions, gambling and other behavioral addictions and problems. We want to help you find the right detox or rehabs, or your loved one.

We work directly with and on behalf of trusted treatment providers who meet our high standards, whether that be luxury or basic accommodation. Our providers cover the full range of addictions on a variety of settings, some rehabs are male or female only, we have rehabs that treat mother and baby situation,  clinics that can help teens, 12 Step Programmes and the all-important follow on support and housing issues addressed. We give you direct access to the best, ethically run and quaility rehab providers – without the middlemen.

Contact us now** on our webchat, by phone or by email and we will be happy to help.

**Phonelines and Webchat open until 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM  every day – emails and webchat  monitored during the same period.


All our facilities are continuing to operate and most are able to accept new admissions, but with modified operating procedures to respond to the Covid 19 outbreak. This is subject to change following the best advice from Government and local conditions.

We are able to advise on the individual measures for each facility please contact us on 0300 111 5577 or email help@therecoverytrust.co.uk

Our members accept the following insurers*

*Not all members accept all insurers

Latest News

Celebrating 30 Years At Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel CEO, Ruth Allonby celebrated her 30th year working at Mount Carmel in January. Many people participated to congratulate her on the amazing work that she has done and continues to do to make Mount Carmel such an amazing place to recover from addiction and move on to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives […]

Dealing with someone who has a drug or alcohol problem

The misuse of drugs, including alcohol and other substances, can be a serious problem for the abuser, co-workers and the organisation itself. Alcohol, drugs and other substances have a strongly negative effect on the brain and the body, impairing judgement and concentration and putting the abuser and co-workers at risk. Staff who misuse drugs or […]

New Psychoactive Substances – NPS

A “Psychoactive substance” (PS) is defined as: “… any substance which is capable of producing a psychoactive effect in a person who consumes it”. A huge variety of new psychoactive substances have become available in the last 25 years, these are often advertised as “legal highs”, however despite the name in many cases they are […]

Our standards

Our partners must meet the following standards before becoming members of The Recovery Trust.  Membership is renewed annually, subject to continues compliance with our standards.

 Residential treatment providers will be registered with and subject to inspection by the Care Quality Commission or equivalent regulatory body

 Partners must share our unwavering and long-standing commitment to recovery

Our members are primarily motivated by the welfare and wellbeing of their clients and the wider community, and not by monetary gain membership is usually be reserved to registered charities, other not-for-profit entities or social enterprises