Addiction Recovery for Men

For over 40 years the Yeldall Manor programmes have been saving the lives of men trapped in the misery of addiction.

Built in the 1890s, Yeldall is a beautiful, remote and peaceful manor house set in 28 acres of gardens, fields and woodlands. Taking a step outside of the noise, chaos and stress of addictive life is all part of the various therapies that Yeldall offers. To help the residents to relax there is a fully equipped gym, a large pond with carp and perch, mountain bikes, football pitch, table tennis, pool table, music room with guitars and piano.

Each resident has the opportunity to deal with the underlying issues and trauma that has lead them into the abuse of their substances of choice and the erratic, chaotic behaviours that inevitably come with it. Each resident can expect to be treated uniquely with a programme that suits his particular needs and will enable him to restore his self-worth and esteem. At Yeldall the resident can expect to be treated with dignity, understanding, compassion and respect whilst they start their journey of recovery. A highly qualified and experienced counsellor will be assigned to each resident to help them explore, understand and deal with the root causes of the addiction. A key-worker will be available throughout the programme to help with the more practical aspects of recovery. Group work with like-minded men covering a vast range of topics will not only help the resident to further understand his addiction but also enable him to be part of something and belong somewhere defeating the sense of isolation and loneliness that is always associated with addiction. Where it is appropriate the counselling will involve the family and significant others who have all been affected by the residents addiction and behaviours and who may actually be part of the problem.

The Yeldall Finance Department will help and guide residents to the right people to resolve debt and other financial issues. The Estate team will teach new skills and refresh old ones as the residents helps in the grounds. At Yeldall a routine is laid out within the timetable including enabling the resident freedom to relax in comfortable and purposeful atmosphere. Helping in the kitchen and dining room, keeping the house clean and tidy helps to restore order to the mayhem.

There are so many aspects to recovery and a permanent life free from addiction. Addiction affects the heart, mind and soul. At Yeldall, underpinning all of the varied therapies is a solid foundation in the love of Jesus Christ. There is no expectation of any resident to be a Christian or have a faith but the programmes are based on a mutual respect. Should a resident want to pursue the spiritual side of his life and recovery then we have a volunteer discipleship team who will help you explore in a way that suits you. We accept men of all faiths and none at Yeldall.

There are trips out of the Manor to church, 12 step groups, leisure centre and other leisure activities organised by the residents and staff.

Treatments Provided

  • Short-term Intensive Rehabilitation Programme:

The 4-week rehabilitation programme, which may also involve detoxification for those who require it, is designed to help residents to become securely grounded in the recovery process.  They experience counselling, group-work and recovery focused interventions in a structured, disciplined and supportive environment, which is underpinned by a Christian ethos. Programme elements include: counselling, recovery key-working, relapse prevention planning, aftercare/ongoing support planning sessions, personal reflections/journaling, mindfulness/meditation, able to access on-site BBV clinic, optional spiritual mentoring.

  • Long-term Residential Rehabilitation Programme:


Phase 1 enables residents to stabilise physically, mentally and emotionally. They can return to physical health in a supported environment, whilst starting to build relationships, regain a clarity of mind and the ability to start self-reflecting in order to identify needs and start to set goals for the future. Each resident will reflect on their past and identify harm, taking ownership for their addiction, and start to explore the driving factors of addiction in a supportive community of like-minded men.

At a glance:

    • Supportive and structured environment to explore addiction
    • Qualified counsellors and group facilitators
    • Seamless continuation onto the Yeldall Manor Phase 2 programme
    • Training groups on the fundamentals of addiction and process groups to become aware of emotions and behaviours

PHASE 2 | Growth 12 Weeks

Phase 2 empowers residents to advance in recovery skills and grow in physical health. Each resident becomes aware of human functioning, emotional wellbeing, core needs, cognitive/behavioural patterns and develops an understanding of the personal drivers underpinning their addiction, along with an awareness of their own relapse triggers.

At a glance:

    • High level of support
    • One-to-one counselling with a trained counsellor looking at past and current issues as well as plans for the future
    • Teaching groups on life skills, attitudes, ethics, relationships and relapse prevention
    • Interactive groups – a chance for each individual to contribute to their own and others’ recovery by becoming responsible and accountable to each other in sharing openly and honestly
    • Work in the house or grounds – a chance to learn new skills
    • Training opportunities that may include literacy, numeracy and IT
    • Recreation, e.g. swimming, football, gym, shopping
    • Opportunity to join the 18 to 24-week Phase 3 Recovery Support programme living semi-independently on-site

Bed Capacity

  • Residential Rehabilitation: 25 beds, all male
  • On-site Recovery Support: 10 beds
  • Move-on/Community-based Recovery Support: 18 spaces in six properties in the surrounding area.
Q How do I apply to come to Yeldall Manor?

Fill in an application form, which you can get either by downloading it from this website or by contacting us (via this website, phone, email or post) and we will send you an application pack.

Q What contact can I have with family and friends?

We encourage contact with family and friends. Contact is restricted during the first four weeks of your stay in order to help you settle in, but after that you can have visits on a weekend every two weeks and you also get increasing opportunities to go out to visit.

Q Can I bring my phone/games console/laptop/tablet/radio, etc...?

Not on the first stage Manor programme. However you will be able to use the house phones whilst you are here and you will have use of a games console, radios, and two TV lounges.
If you progress to the second stage Lodge programme, then these things are allowed.

Q Will I be allowed to smoke?

Yes. There are designated smoking areas and you will be able to smoke in your free time.

Q What do I need to bring with me?

We would suggest you bring the following with you:
- Any Benefits letters you have, along with some form of ID
- Your bank or Post Office card
- Medication you are currently taking and any repeat prescriptions
- Some money, but not more than £50.00
- Enough tobacco and toiletries to last for the first couple of weeks
- Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty for when you are working on the estate
- A watch
- An alarm clock
You do NOT need to bring bedding or towels, as we will provide these. We have a supply of clothing if you do not have much of your own.

Q Can I bring my bike?

Yes. However, there is a pool of bicycles already here that you will be able to use.

Q Can I bring my guitar?

Yes. There are also some musical instruments here. If you want to bring your own instrument then we recommend that you take out insurance for these items because we are unable to take responsibility for them.

Q Can I bring my dog?

Sadly, no pets are allowed.

Q Am I allowed anti-depressants on the programme?

Yes, you are. You are also allowed anti-psychotic medication if you are taking any, including depot injections. Some medication is not permitted at Yeldall Manor – for more information please speak with the Admissions Team.

Q Do I have to go to Church?

We attend a variety of churches in the area so you will be able to experience a range of different services.
For the first 12 weeks you will need to attend Church once on a Sunday. However, if after that you decide you do not wish to continue with this then you may stop. You will still need to attend an ‘Exploring Faith’ group and an informal ‘Fellowship’ group which take place at Yeldall Manor.
You will not be under any pressure to take part if you do not want to, but you will need to be respectful of them.

Q Is there internet access and can I send/receive emails?

Internet access is not available routinely on the first-stage programme. However, as you progress through the programme this may be possible if (for example) you are researching housing, training or employment opportunities. During the second-stage programme you will have internet access.

Q Can I come to you just to detox?

No. We only offer a detoxification service for men who want to join the rehabilitation programme.

Q Is it a 12-step programme?

All the 12-step material is covered. However, we cover much more than just the 12 steps within our integrative and comprehensive interactive group teaching programme.

Q Do you take people straight from prison?

Yes we do. We also take people on DRRs, ATRs and Tags. We assess men with serious offences on a case by case basis.

Q Is there anything I can do to prepare for rehab?

Yes. Thinking about your life and the positive reasons for wanting to do rehab will be good. Also think about how you could make the best use of the counselling available. For example, what issues bother you and cause you to use drugs/drink or to relapse after a period of abstinence?

Q Will I have my own room?

For the first four weeks (the Orientation Phase) you may need to share with one other resident. When you have progressed onto the next phase of the programme you will be able to move to a single room when one becomes available. All rooms are either en-suite or have their own private bathroom.

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T. Attwood

5/ 5

Yeldall Manor is an amazing place, full of love beautiful surroundings and people….. it has the right combination and balance of counselling work therapy and groups to really change your life…… that is my experience….. it worked for me where everything else failed…….. from death to life…… my life has transformed, with real hope and opportunities to be of purpose.
I’ve restored relationships with my family for which I am eternally grateful……
Fully recommended for anyone that has reached a hopeless place in their life. There is a way out…. I found it here 💥⚡️❤️

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