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A Rehabilitation Centre For Mothers

Jasmine Mother’s Recovery (formerly known as Trevi House) and one of three centres provided by charity Trevi, is a unique residential rehabilitation unit located in Plymouth. Since 1993, Trevi has been offering treatment to women with alcohol and/or drug related problems. What makes us different and quite rare is that our residents are able to live at Jasmine with their children. Jasmine Mother’s Recovery is both a home and a safe place, where mothers and their children remain together as a family unit.

We offer supported detox and a structured rehabilitation programme that promotes the transition towards an independent life, free from substance misuse. Each mother and child is individually assessed prior to entry.

Our aims at Jasmine Mother’s Recovery are: To provide a warm, safe and friendly environment. To treat all residents and their children as individuals, offering services that meet their needs. To provide an understanding response to the needs and feelings of carers, visitors and give the women and their children the opportunity to live the life they deserve.

Our programme reflects three main areas of need; addiction, parenting and healthy relationships. The following gives an outline of the groups and therapeutic interventions that each resident is expected to participate in.

  • Addiction

Jasmine Mother’s Recovery delivers a weekly Recovery Training group made up of workshops which focus on motivation, relapse prevention and living a life substance free. It includes a component relating to Parenting in Recovery which looks at the impact of being a mum upon recovery, and conversely the impact of drug / alcohol used upon parenting.

All residents have a nominated counsellor for weekly counselling sessions (min 1 per week). This provides a space to address underlying issues. Residents will be asked to completed personal work between 1-2-1 sessions.

Residents are asked to prepare a range of personal presentations which they share with their peers for feedback.

Jasmine Mother’s Recovery expects to see each resident present her personal work within the agreed timeframe and to a high standard. As part of this, mum will be asked to prepare a ‘Children’s Lifeline’ whereby she examines in detail the impact of her substance misuse and relationships upon her children from the perspective of her child.

  • Parenting

At Jasmine Mother’s Recovery, each resident can expect to access practical support and guidance, alongside interventions to better help her meet her child’s emotional needs.

We would expect to provide an enhanced level of support during the first week / fortnight. Such support will include guidance with basic care tasks such as feeding / winding / settling. It will be tailored to the needs expressed by mum and observed by staff in the first 24 – 48 hours of placement.

Once mother and child settled together, mum will be expected to provide all the care for her baby / child.  Jasmine Mother’s Recovery will monitor progress using maternal feedback and our observations (formal and informal). Overnight, staff carry out hourly checks using the cot cameras to ensure that the child is settled in their bed / cot, and that mum is meeting their needs.

Any identified deficits in the maternal capacity to meet the infant’s needs would be relayed directly to mum and appropriate education / support provided.

Jasmine Mother’s Recovery will to agree with the child’s Social Worker the preferred means of communicating how the placement is progressing outside of the formal reporting time frame. Any issues of note would be raised immediately.

We carry out regular Parenting Observations in order to establish any areas where extra support might be needed; i.e. bedtime routine, play, handling. We offer feedback to mum regarding these observations and would incorporate them within our ongoing assessment.

All children have a nominated nursery key worker. We offer 1-2-1 sessions to discuss any issues and concerns and agree care plans.

  • Healthy Relationships

Jasmine Mother’s Recovery recognise that many residents have been in previously unhealthy relationships, which may have been abusive / controlling. Through groups and personal work we start to try to increase residents’ awareness of their personal interactions with others and begin to build positive relationships with those around them.

Trevi as an organisation, delivers the Freedom to Change programme and You & Me Mum; both groups explore the impact of Domestic Abuse upon children.

We expect to see the mother demonstrate an understanding in regards the risks associated with domestic abuse and what steps she can take to ensure that her child is safeguarded from this.

Treatments Provided

  • Good quality accommodation – half of our rooms are en suite
  • Secure premises with video phone entry and external CCTV
  • Multiple interventions under one roof
  • Detox from alcohol, methadone, subutex and diazepam
  • Therapeutic groupwork programme
  • Regular drug and alcohol screening
  • Specialist on site nursery
  • Thrive assessment for child
  • Named Specialist midwife and Health visitor
  • Reports for professionals / court
  • Help in finding a new safe home
  • Story work preparing children for onward transitions
  • Comprehensive free aftercare service

Bed Capacity

Female only Mums

Mixed gender Children

Capacity is 10 Mums and 10 Children, but can vary depending on number of Children in a family

Q How do I get into Jasmine Mother’s Recovery?

Please speak to one of the professionals involved in your care, that might be your drug or alcohol worker, your child’s social worker (if they have one) or your solicitor (if you have one). They will be able to refer you to come and have an assessment with us.

If you don’t have any professionals involved with you or your child, then please call us to find out about a self-referral.

We know that every case is different, and we have experience of working with many families over the years. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone for an informal chat to find out more about us and what we can offer.

To help work out if we are the right service to meet your needs, we will carry out an assessment with you.

Q What will I be asked in my assessment?

This is a chance for us to find out a bit more about you and your child. We will ask you about your current and previous drug /alcohol use. We will ask you about life before you used drugs / alcohol and what you hope life will look like after drugs/alcohol.

We like you to come to visit Jasmine Mother’s Recovery as part of the assessment, as this will give you chance to look at the rooms, meet some of the staff and other women and children living here.

The assessment is also your chance to ask us things and to help you work out if our service is the right one for you.

Q What happens if I need a detox?

We can detox women from alcohol, from methadone, buprenorphine and diazepam. We also work closely with another rehab who can detox people with more complex needs.

We find that most women chose to detox here with their child.

We offer lots of support during your detox period and you may well be surprised that it wasn’t as bad as you feared.

We will talk about this with you at assessment as we need to help decide with you what will be best for you and your child.

Q What happens if I have more than one child?

We know that every women’s circumstances are different.

You can bring more than one child to live with you at Jasmine Mother’s Recovery, but if you have other children who are not currently living with you, this might not be the best option for them.

We will talk to you about your other children during your assessment and start to explore what contact with them could look like. We understand that it will feel really difficult to be away from them, but we have found that older children are often happy to see you getting the help you need. Brothers and sisters are welcome to come and visit and we are able to have overnight stays.

Q What if my child is currently in foster care?

We will make sure that you have lots of support as you are reunited with your baby at Jasmine Mother’s Recovery. We understand that you may feel very anxious about having your child back in your care, or you might not! We will listen to you and try to put in place the support that you feel you and your child need.

Q How can I prepare for going to Trevi House?

We would encourage you to read the Residents Handbook, which we give you at assessment.

If you are given a place with us, we will stay in contact with you whilst you are waiting to be admitted. During that time, we will continue to get to know you and be able to hopefully answer any questions.

Coming to Jasmine Mother’s Recovery is the start of a new life, which can be terrifying as well as exciting!

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In early 2012; following two decades of chaotic behaviour, dysfunctional relationships, social isolation, a failed career and two older children in long term foster care, I began to consider the option of specialist residential treatment for myself and my third baby who was then four months old. Trevi seemed to offer me the opportunity to deal with my addiction and all its associated life problems in a safe environment where I could remain with my beloved child. The admission process was thorough and friendly and staff were more than happy to talk to me on the phone regularly to update me on the date for my admission. Whilst at Trevi, I was able to concentrate on dealing with the issues that had led to my past behaviours whilst staff supported my parenting. I was treated as an individual and was always involved in planning care for my child and myself. Staff supported me to gradually reduce and then stop my prescribed antidepressants and facilitated mediation sessions for me to discuss arrangements for my child with my son’s father. They also attended social services meetings in my hometown with me in order to support me in speaking up for myself. All my years of substance abuse had eroded my ability to participate in social activities. Being at Trevi helped me in terms of beginning to integrate socially and staff were able to role model appropriate positive behaviour for me to emulate. I was assisted to plan for my future and to problem solve rather than adopt my old defeatist attitudes. Unfortunately, as I was reaching the end of my treatment, I lapsed whilst on a home visit. Consequently, my placement was terminated and my baby made the subject of an interim care order and placed in foster care. The day I left Trevi without my child was one of the hardest of my life, but the staff there did not stop supporting me. Despite being discharged, I had daily phone contact with staff who encouraged me to access local support groups and to continue to strive for my child and myself. They also facilitated alcohol testing for me at Trevi whilst I was in the community and offered valuable pep talks when my situation seemed hopeless My keyworker from Trevi continued providing me with therapeutic support at regular intervals and wrote progress statements to the family court as well as preparing to give evidence at the final hearing. I believe as a staff team they went beyond their responsibilities to me and continued that support even when it looked as if I would never be reunited with my child. Happily, I was eventually reunited with my baby and Trevi have continued to provide therapeutic support to me and to care for my child in their onsite nursery during my sessions. I am now contentedly living drug and alcohol free in the community, working part time and enjoying being able to be fully present while my son grows up. It is my strongly held belief that were it not for the support of Trevi, I would not have my child with me now and be able to function in society today.

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